Paul Andrew

Founder, President, Eclipse Editor


Paul is the Honorary President of the society that he founded back in 1972.  He is a Proffesional photographer and educator, with a passion for astronomy that led to starting the society more than 40 years ago.


Ben Harding



Ben joined the society about 10 years ago, and has become one of our most popular members, he is dedicated to his local school Astronomy club, and cleverly rebuilds scopes for the pupils out of salvaged telescope parts. Ben became Chairman in March 2017.

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Adam Leach

Web and Technology Team


Adam is a long-time visual observer and slightly less-long-time astronomical imager. As one half of the SEKAS Web and Technology team, his big wish is to take the society forward and promote and aid the use of modern and emerging technology as part of the way to to do so.

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Lee Phillips

Web and Technology Team 


Lee joined the society in 1997.  He’s a dedicated Astrophotographer.  He and Adam formed the Web and Technology Team in 2015 to revamp the SEKAS website, and to promote uses of technology in astronomy and astro-imaging.


Greg Esson

Observatory Director


Greg became Observatory Director in 2016. After being deeply involved in the construction in 2015, Greg is looking forward to developing the observatory as a facility for all members, making it accessible to as many as possible.


Alan Woodgett



Alan has served 2 terms as the treasurer for SEKAS over many years.  He is not an active astronomer, but his valued contribution to the society continues.


John Male

Programme Secretary


A long-time member, John became programme secretary in late 2016.  He is a regular at the Paddock, and an avid visual observer.


Andy Wiseman

Publicity Officer


A long time mk1 eyeball visual observer He bought his 1st telescope 5 years ago and soon became hooked. Joining the society 3 years ago to learn more he was elected publicity officer in 2017 and is pleased to be able to finally give something back

Joan Crossland-Page



Joan joined the club about 2 years ago, knowing nothing at all about astronomy.
she enjoyed meeting the members and especially evenings at the paddock where amazing things happen, amidst like minded people, there simply for the joy of it.
Joan wanted to give something back, so In 2017 volunteered to be Secretary.

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